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Zaluzhnyi criticises system of weapons production in Ukraine


Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, has drawn attention to the fact that monopolisation of the defence industry and imperfect legislation leads to problems with weapons production in Ukraine.

Source: Zaluzhnyi in a column for CNN

Quote: “Our partners’ stocks of anti-air and other missiles and artillery shells is becoming depleted due to the intensity of hostilities in Ukraine, but also from a global shortage of propellant.

Russia, taking note of how developments in the Middle East have distracted international attention, might seek to provoke further conflicts elsewhere. The weakness of the current international sanctions means that Russia, in partnership with certain other nations, is still able to deploy its military-industrial complex in pursuit of a war of attrition against us.

“We remain hamstrung by the imperfections of the regulatory framework in our country, as well as the partial monopolisation of the defence industry. These lead to production bottlenecks – in ammunition, for instance – which further deepen Ukraine’s dependence on its allies for supplies.”

Details: Zaluzhnyi believes that Ukraine must “acknowledge the significant advantage enjoyed by the enemy in mobilising human resources and how that compares with the inability of state institutions in Ukraine to improve the manpower levels of our armed forces without the use of unpopular measures”.


In his column, Zaluzhnyi outlined three major goals towards which efforts should be focused in the war against the Russian aggressor state, adding that the Armed Forces of Ukraine faces the challenge of creating a totally new governmental system of technical rearmament.

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