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‘You’re war criminal’: Hillary Clinton speech interrupted by pro-Palestinian protesters


NEW DELHI: With the chants of “Free, free Palestine” and “Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, you are a war criminal“, former first lady Hilary Clinton was interrupted during her speech on Friday by pro-palestinian protestors criticizing her policies she supported during her tenure as a secretary of state under Obama administration from 2009 to 2013.
“Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, you are a war criminal!” a man shouted as Clinton proceeded towards the stage at Columbia University in New York City.
“The people of Libya, the people of Iraq, the people of Syria, the people of Yemen, the people of Palestine as well as the people of America will never forgive you,” the man continued prompting the dean to take over the microphone.
The man was asked to be taken out of the lecture hall who repeatedly shouted “Free, free Palestine!” and “You will burn!”

The former first lady then attempted to begin her address on conflict-related sexual violence, remarking that “yelling doesn’t solve the problem,” only to be interrupted by a second protester.
“OK, we’re going to stop a minute. You know what, why don’t all of you just interrupt me so that you won’t be interrupting our panelists so that we don’t have this kind of disruption when we have people who are real experts in this area,” she retorted.
“People are free to protest, but they are not free to disrupt events or classes and that is going to be the standards that we follow here and going forward,” she added.
Clinton was delivering a speech about conflict-related sexual violence to the Columbia Center for Global Policy, which she heads.

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