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Yahodyn–Dorohusk blocked starting February 9 — UA Customs


The Yahodyn–Dorohusk checkpoint will be blocked from 11 a.m. EET on Feb. 9 due to a strike by Polish farmers, Ukraine’s Customs Service reported on Telegram on Feb. 7.

“Polish customs officers informed that the blocking of the Yahodyn–Dorohusk checkpoint should start at 11 a.m. Kyiv time on Feb. 9 using agricultural machinery,” the service said.

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The protests are being coordinated with local authorities and are scheduled to continue until March 9, 2024. The protesters plan to allow all buses and one truck in each direction to pass through every hour.

Humanitarian aid and fuel tanks will also be allowed to enter Ukraine without hindrance. Information about other checkpoints on the border with Poland is currently being updated, and meetings with the Polish customs administration are in the planning stage.

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Polish carriers began protests on the border with Ukraine on Nov. 6, blocking three checkpoints for freight traffic: Korczowa–Krakivets, Hrebenne–Rava-Ruska, and Dorohusk-Yahodyn. On Nov. 22, the blockade of the Yahodyn–Dorohusk checkpoint on the Ukrainian–Polish border was extended until Feb. 1, 2024.

Polish farmers joined the carriers blocking the Polish–Ukrainian border on Dec. 20.

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The Polish government signed an agreement with the farmers to end the blockade of the border with Ukraine on Jan. 6.

The Medyka–Shehyni checkpoint was unblocked on Jan. 8, 2024.

The European Union is preparing a bill that extends duty-free trade with Ukraine until June 2025, rejecting Poland’s proposal to restore tariffs on some “sensitive products”.

Polish truckers had previously reached an agreement with the government to suspend their protests on Jan. 17, according to remarks made by protest leader Tomasz Borkowski on Jan.16. Polish carriers unblocked the last checkpoint on the border with Ukraine Yahodyn–Dorohusk on the same day. The blockade was suspended until March 1.

Polish farmers have announced a nationwide strike with road and border crossing blockades, set to begin on Feb. 9 at 10 a.m. EET.

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