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‘World’s oldest man’ dubbed ‘taxman’s nightmare’ for his huge pension celebrates milestone birthday…& has ID to prove it


A BRAZILIAN who claims to be the world’s oldest man has just celebrated his incredible 123rd birthday.

Andrelino Vieira da Silva says he was born on February 3, 1901 – and even has an ID to prove it.

World's oldest man Andrelino Vieira da Silva


World’s oldest man Andrelino Vieira da SilvaCredit: Andrelino Vieira da Silva/CEN
Photo Andrelino's ID card showing his full name and birth date


Photo Andrelino’s ID card showing his full name and birth dateCredit: Andrelino Vieira da Silva/CEN
Andrelino back in the day


Andrelino back in the dayCredit: Andrelino Vieira da Silva/CEN
Andrelino celebrating his 121st birthday


Andrelino celebrating his 121st birthdayCredit: Andrelino Vieira da Silva/CEN

A picture of his ID, likely government-registered, shows his full name along with his date of birth and the name of his parents.

There even seems to be a thumb impression, possibly for biometric checks.

If his ID card was to be believed, he has now turned 123 – and become the oldest man in the world.

Andrelino, however, has not verified his age with the Guinness World Records, it has been understood.

Throughout his life, he has witnessed all the famous world events, including the two World Wars, the rise of communism and then its collapse in China and Russia, and the horrific assassination of US President John F Kennedy.

Andrelino has also experienced the Beatles, saw the tragic accident of Princess Diana – and even survived through the COVID pandemic.

The pensioner was married and had seven children, five of whom are still alive. 

And he has 13 grandchildren, 16 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandchild.

He is dubbed the “taxman’s nightmare” because of his long life which cost the Brazilian pension service every year.

After making his claim to be the oldest person living, Andrelino has gone viral on social media – and has become known as INSS Terror.

During his celebrations in 2022, he even received a birthday cake with “Terror of the INSS” written on it.

The message was a joke about his decades-long claim on his old age pension from the INSS, or National Institute of Social Security.

In response, the pension service sent Andrelino a special plaque saying: “You are not the terror of the INSS. You are a blessing to the INSS.

“We wish Mr Andrelino many more years of life.”

During the celebrations, the old man’s granddaughter anaina Lemes de Souza told local media that: “He’s fine, everything’s great. He is still going strong.

“It’s a great satisfaction for him to be with us for another year like this, everyone together.”

She added that her grandfather became quite a local hero after getting famous on social media – and people often recognise him in the street and ask him for a selfie.

Video footage shot the same year shows Andrelino cooking up a meal in his kitchen as he chats with a family member.

In 2022, just after the Covid pandemic, he was hospitalized for five for treatment of Dengue, but recovered quickly.

Since Andrelino never verified his age officially, the oldest certified living person in the world is Maria Branyas Morera, who celebrated her 116th birthday in 2023.

Ms Branyas Morera was born on March 4, 1907, currently resides in a nursing home in Catalonia.

She was recognised as the world’s oldest living person by the Guinness World Records on January 07, 2023.

World’s oldest people

THIS is the list of the world’s oldest people to have ever lived and documented.

Maria Branyas Morera – Born on March 4 1907 in San Francisco, she is the oldest person in the world as officially recognised by Guinness World Records. She is currently 116 years old.

Edie Ceccarelli – Born in California on 5 February 1908, he was the first of seven children to Italian immigrants Agostino and Maria Recagno. He is currently 116 years old.

Tomika Itooka – Born on May 23, 1908, in the city of Osaka, she is the oldest validated person living in Japan. she is currently 115 years old.

Inah Canabarro Lucas – Born on June 8, 1908, she is the oldest person currently living in Latin America. Having become a nun in the 1920s, she’s also the oldest living person in this profession. She is currently 115 years old.

Juan Vicente Pérez Mora – Born on May 27, 1909, holds the coveted title of being the oldest validated living man in the world. He’s held this title since the 18th of January 2022. He is currently 114 years old.

Elizabeth Francis – Born on July 25, 1909, he is the oldest known person in the state of Texas.  Francis has three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren. He is currently 114 years old.

Ethel Caterham – Born on August 21, 1909, she is the oldest person living in the UK and has spent more than the last 50 years living in Surrey, England. She is currently 114 years old.

Okagi Hayashi – Born on September 2, 1909, is the fourth-oldest living person in Japan. Hayashi had 8 children, 22 grandchildren, 39 great-grandchildren and 5 great-great-grandchildren. He is currently 114 years old.

Pearl Berg – Born on October 1, 1909, Pearl Berg is the second-oldest known living person in the U.S. state of California, as well as the oldest known living Jewish person. He is currently 114 years old.

Tane Matsubara – Born on October 15, she is the oldest known living resident in the Hokkaido Prefecture. Currently 114 years old.

A picture of Andrelino from 2022 when he was hospitalised beating dengue


A picture of Andrelino from 2022 when he was hospitalised beating dengueCredit: SES-GO/CEN
Andrelino cooking up a meal in his kitchen


Andrelino cooking up a meal in his kitchenCredit: CEN

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