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Welcome to a special Easter edition of Magno’s Bulging Mail Sack. With painted huevos, Peeps residue on my goatee, and little fluffy bunnies on my mind, let’s dig into my bulging sack. This week, we have comments and questions regarding Deontay Wilder vs. Zhilei Zang, Terence Crawford vs. Tim Tszyu, and PBC on Amazon Prime.

Wilder vs. Zhang

Hi Paul.

Just heard that talks are being finalized for a Zhilei Zhang-Deontay Wilder fight in Saudi Arabia on the Bivol-Beterbiev undercard. What do you think of this fight and what does it mean for the top five percent of the heavyweight division?

– Jack from GB

Hey Jack.

I love Wilder-Zhang. It’s some excellent matchmaking, making use of two names in the division who are coming off a loss. The winner will be right back in the big fight mix among Usyk, Fury, and Joshua. Even the loser could get some rub off this high-profile matchup and stay a half-step behind the top, top dogs. I just wish the fight– and the rest of the card– was in a place where real fans could attend and where half the world could actually watch live. But, oh well. 

It’s a tough bout to predict, though. Zhang is slow and can be hit. His recent loss to Joseph Parker was a testament to his glacier-like speed and to the fact that he can have things going in his favor, but still be outworked. Wilder looked like an absolute spent shell in his own recent loss to Parker. All of this is why Zhang-Wilder is interesting. Big power + Big weaknesses usually equals “good fight.”

Tszyu vs. Crawford

So, rumors are flying that Bud Crawford vs. Tim Tszyu is already in discussion. I’ve heard you talk up this fight before and I agree that it will be a real Fight of the Year cracker. Do you think it goes through, first of all? Bud can be difficult in negotiations. And if it does happen, who do you see coming out on top. I have to go with Crawford and probably by late stoppage. I’ll just be off in this corner crossing my fingers it happens. This could be the big fight both of them need.

– Dennis.

Hey Dennis.

I mean, Crawford has to fight SOMEONE, right? There’s only one mega-fight option out there for Bud, but that’s up at 168 against a Canelo Alvarez who’s already said he won’t fight him. I’m thinking that the Tszyu fight would be the best commercial and competitive option out there for him right now. All of this, of course, is assuming Tszyu beats Sebastian Fundora this Saturday. But if Tszyu does win, I don’t see anything standing in the way of Crawford-Tszyu, unless it’s Crawford. ike I’ve said before, I really, really like this one. 

I think Bud stops Tszyu in the late rounds in a ferocious struggle. Like I’ve said before, I really, really like this one. 

PBC on Prime

Hey Magno. I don’t get why so many people seem to be rooting for PBC to fail on Amazon Prime. It doesn’t make a damn lick of sense if you’re a boxing fan. Anyway, what would you say are the benefits to the sport if PBC on Amazon Prime is a success?

– Clyde S.

Hey Clyde.

I know why a certain sub-section of media and fandom always seem to be rooting against PBC. I’ve talked about it before, but I really don’t feel like digging back into it once again today. But, yeah, just take it for granted that, for some people, their own personal issues trump their supposed love for the sport. 

As for WHY a successful boxing/Amazon Prime deal would be good for boxing? That’s beyond-easy to explain. Over 167 million Americans are plugged in as subscribers (over 230 million worldwide) and many of them are accustomed to a melding of one-click purchasing via Amazon along with content consumption via Prime Video. That puts boxing one click away from finding itself back into the mainstream. Whether PBC has the right plan to make that happen is another story. It also remains to be seen whether the mainstream even wants “real” boxing anymore. Time will tell on all of that. But, at the very least, getting to the table is the first step to getting a meal. Every boxing fan should be rooting for PBC on Prime to succeed, just as all real boxing fans should be rooting for Top Rank, Golden Boy, etc. to succeed.

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