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Why ‘The Toxic Avenger’ Remake Needed to be Rated-R

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The Big Picture

  • The Toxic Avenger remake has received an R-rating, allowing for more violence and dark comedy than expected.
  • Director Macon Blair persisted in making the film R-rated and succeeded in getting the change approved.
  • Winston Gooze will face powerful villains, including Bob Garbinger and his henchman Fritz, who will try to eliminate him and carry out an evil scheme.

The Toxic Avenger remake is set to introduce a new narrative featuring Winston Gooze (Peter Dinklage) offering audiences a whole new story. One of the most noticeable changes the new iteration of the hero will have is the fact that the film received an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America. During a recent interview with Collider’s Perri Nemiroff, director Macon Blair talked about how he didn’t expect the R-rated version of the story to be approved by the studio. He explained:

“Well, they didn’t offer it to me on a platter. They said, ‘What would your take be?’ As I’m sure they did to a bunch of people. I told them what I thought, and I really, scout’s honor, expected them at any point to say, ‘No,’ like, ‘Thank you for your time, but that’s not what we’re into.’ I kind of half assumed that maybe they would want a PG-13 or something that’s more family-friendly or mainstream, however you quantify that.”

Blair revealed his persistence was what got the change approved, saying: “And I kept saying, ‘It’s gotta be R. It’s gotta be a dude in a suit. It’s gotta be silly and ridiculous and purposefully juvenile,’ and they kept going, ‘Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.’ And at a certain point, it was like, ‘Okay, well, I’m just going to write this goddamn thing and we’ll see what happens,’ and here we are.” The rating will allow the remake to explore the full extent of its grotesque violence and dark comedy.

When Winston Gooze is introduced in the new movie, he’ll be facing a new set of powerful villains trying to get rid of him. Bob Garbinger (Kevin Bacon) won’t be happy with the idea of an anonymous savior going around trying to help people and stopping his plans, and he will do everything in his power to eliminate Winston. Since he can’t be at every location at the same time, he will need his henchman and younger brother Fritz’s (Elijah Wood) help to deal with Winston in order to carry out his evil scheme.

What Happened to the Toxic Avenger?

Peter Dinklage the toxic avenger

Before he can even get to meet Mayor Togar (Sarah Niles), J. J. Doherty (Taylour Paige), and Wade (Jacob Tremblay) as part of his origin story, Winston will go through a horrible accident. As a member of the Garb-X maintenance crew, there wasn’t much for the protagonist to do in the face of oppression from the owner of the company. But after falling into a vat of acid, Winston gained the abilities that could allow him to turn the tide when it comes to the conflict right in front of him.

The Toxic Avenger does not yet have a release date but stay tuned at Collider for further details and Nemiroff’s full conversation with Blair.

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