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Why Nicholas Cage Signed on For Action Comedy ‘The Retirement Plan’

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The Big Picture

  • Nicolas Cage has joined the cast of the action comedy film The Retirement Plan because he loves the concept of family movies and enjoys doing comedy.
  • Director Tim Brown believes that Cage is phenomenally talented as a comedic actor, bringing timing and little nuances to his characters, which he refers to as the “Nic Cage spice.”
  • The Retirement Plan is inspired by the John Wick franchise, with a similar type of hero leaving behind their best career for a dangerous conflict, but with a comedic touch.

Nicolas Cage has been a part of productions with interesting premises before, but nothing from his career can be compared to The Retirement Plan. The new action comedy, which is already playing in theaters across the United States, features Cage portraying Matt, a retired assassin who must come back to his old ways in order to save his family. During a recent interview with Collider’s Christina Radish, Tim Brown, the director behind the movie, talked about how Cage came to join the cast of the film, explaining why Matt had to played by the performer instead of anyone else:

We sent him the script and he said yes. I think that what drew him to the project, and what he said to me was certainly number one, was that he loves the concept of family movies. He’s a big fan of Japanese cinema, and Kurosawa, in particular. There are a lot of family values in those films, and I think that was a big part of it. And then, it was the comedy. I wish Nic would do more comedy. He needs to do more. Raising Arizona, to this day, is one of the great comedies, and that character that he played is absolutely hilarious.

The filmmaker continued to explain why his film meant a different kind of challenge for Nicolas Cage: “He’s done comedy, but he’s known more for a lot of action and a lot of drama. But he is phenomenally talented, as a comedic actor, with the timing and the little nuances that he brings to a character. I call it the Nic Cage spice, where there are certain points that he’ll have a certain facial expression that I didn’t anticipate when I’m staring at the monitor and I burst out laughing at, that he brought to the table.”

The Retirement Plan begins with a new mindset for Cage’s character, with Matt already done with the business of killing people, choosing instead to live a peaceful life away form the action. But everything changes when his daughter, Ashley (Ashley Greene) is trapped in the middle of a dangerous conflict with criminals who will attempt to end her life. To save his family from a painful demise, Matt must come out of his retirement and put the best of his skills to the test, in a comedic adventure about a man who hasn’t been in the middle of a fight in a very long time.

‘John Wick’ Inspired the Action

Nicolas Cage as Matt, Ashley Greene as Ashley and Thalia Campbell as Sarah in The Retirement Plan
Image via Falling Forward Films

Besides talking about how it was integral for the team to get Nicolas Cage as their protagonist, Tim Brown has also talked about the John Wick franchise served as an inspiration for The Retirement Plan, with a similar type of hero leaving the best of his career behind him. While the character played by Keanu Reeves in his own series wasn’t as old as Cage’s protagonist is supposed to be, the two share similar traits when it comes to the tactics they use for taking down enemies. However, Brown’s comedic touch makes his latest movie a different, and amusing, kind of ride.

You can check out the official trailer for The Retirement Plan below. The film is currently playing in theaters:

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