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Wes Anderson’s ‘The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar’ Sets Theatrical Release Date

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The Big Picture

  • Wes Anderson’s upcoming short film, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar, will be released on Netflix and in theaters, giving fans the opportunity to watch it on the big screen or at home.
  • The film is based on Roald Dahl’s classic story and follows the journey of Henry Sugar, a gambler who gains the ability to see the future but ultimately decides to use his powers for good.
  • While the story is based on Dahl’s work, viewers can expect Anderson’s signature style and whimsical touch to add a unique twist to the tale. Benedict Cumberbatch leads the cast, which includes several familiar faces from the Anderson universe.

Sure, we were absolutely delighted to learn that Wes Anderson would be making his Netflix-only debut with his upcoming short film, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. But, still, it was a bummer that the symmetric shooting style the filmmaker is synonymous with wouldn’t be seen on the big screen this time around. Now, fans can have their cake and eat it too as their sugar fix will be available both at home and in theaters. Prior to its premiere on the streamer on September 27, 2023, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar will celebrate a limited theatrical release on September 20, 2023.

As they’ve done in the past with titles including Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio and Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up, the streamer made the move to do a simultaneous drop, allowing fans to decide how they’d like to see Anderson’s latest project. Known for bringing fantastically vibrant worlds to life in his productions, with the most recent being Asteroid City, catching the filmmaker’s second dip into the world of Roald Dahl’s catalog following 2009’s stop-motion flick, Fantastic Mr. Fox won’t be one to miss.

In Dahl’s classic story, audiences follow the titular character on a seemingly mundane trip to the doctor’s office. While there, he reads about a man in India who’s found a way to see without the use of his eyes. Quickly dreaming up a scheme, Henry realizes that he could benefit greatly should he be able to harness the same particular skill set. For the next three years, the grifter immerses himself in meditation studies, finally gaining the ability to see through cards and look into the future. After putting himself through the ultimate test at a casino, he discovers that his powers have taken away the fun of gambling. In a turn of events, the gambler’s heart grows in size, and he decides to use his unusual skills for good, making plans to open an orphanage. But, realizing he’ll need a large sum of cash for the project, Henry gets in over his head with the Las Vegas mafia and soon finds himself on a global journey to escape his pursuers.

The Wes Anderson Twist

Image by Annamaria Ward

While this is the basis of Dahl’s story, Anderson will undoubtedly put his own spin on the tale. In the past, the filmmaker has touched on just about every theme under the sun, blending human experiences like grief and loneliness with a flair of whimsy. In what will be the director’s shortest feature to date, viewers can expect the aspiring guru’s journey to play out over a brief 37 minutes – perfect for a quick watch at home or in the theater.

Benedict Cumberbatch leads the cast in The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar as the titular gamblin’ man with an ensemble of familiar to the Anderson cinematic universe names (as well as some newbies) including Ralph Fiennes (The Grand Budapest Hotel), Rupert Friend (The French Dispatch), Dev Patel (The Green Knight), Ben Kingsley (Iron Man 3), and Richard Ayoade (Submarine).

As of right now, there’s no trailer for The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar yet, but you can check out a teaser for Anderson’s latest flick, Asteroid City below. The title is now streaming on Peacock.

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