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‘We Can Be Heroes 2’ Update From Director Robert Rodriguez

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The Big Picture

  • Director Robert Rodriguez discusses the potential for a sequel to We Can Be Heroes due to the young cast growing up and the audience’s investment in the characters.
  • The film follows Missy and her friends as they become heroes to rescue their captured parents and save the Earth from aliens, highlighting the theme of bravery and personal growth.
  • The diverse origins and powers of the young cast provide opportunities for character development and exploring the improvement of their abilities in a potential sequel.

It’s been a couple of years since We Can Be Heroes premiered on Netflix, taking viewers through the journey of Missy Moreno’s (YaYa Gosselin) origin and the dangerous adventure she had to go through to save herself and the friends who joined her quest. But given the young age of the cast, the potential for future stories with these characters is right there, and that’s something the streaming platform could pursue at some point in the future. During a recent interview with Collider, Robert Rodriguez, the director behind the movie, spoke about the status of a potential sequel to the story:

The bigger rush is to do a sequel for that because of the kids growing up. Although the script always kind of took that into account, they’re supposed to be kind of next-level. And I like the idea of kids seeing their favorite characters grow so exponentially on screen, and it makes them realize how time works to go. It makes them go, “Oh yeah, Guppy was this age in the first movie. I’ve been watching it again and again, and now she’s already…” They can picture themselves growing and developing and their brains expanding in leaps and bounds like that. So I think the time works in our favor.

In the wholesome action movie, Missy and her father (Pedro Pascal) are called to action when the Heroics are facing a very difficult challenge. In the mission, Missy gets to know the children of the other Heroics, and before they can even become friends properly, all of their parents are captured by aliens attacking the Earth. Having to become heroes themselves, the children now have the responsibility of rescuing their parents and saving the Earth from a violent invasion. Missy has to be as brave as she has watched her father be for years, while she becomes the greatest Heroic the world has seen.

The young cast of the film provided the narrative with a wide variety of powers. Ojo (Hala Finley) turned out to be the Queen of aliens, while Guppy (Vivien Lyra Blair) was the young daughter of the main characters from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D. The fact that the heroes came from very different origins allowed their personalities to clash against one another, and a potential sequel could explore how they improve their own control over their abilities. It remains to be seen if Netflix decides to move forward with the project.

Rodriguez’s Other Special Team

Image via Netflix

The need to film a sequel before the young cast grows up seems to be a recurrent them in the filmography of Robert Rodriguez. The other franchise he’s been working with Netflix, Spy Kids, has run into the same issue when considering developing a sequel to the new Spy Kids: Armageddon movie that’s about to be launched on the platform on September 22.

Spy Kids: Armageddon premieres on Netflix on September 22. Watch our interview with Rodriguez below:

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