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‘Watchmen’s Alan Moore Is Putting His Royalty Money Where His Mouth Is

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The Big Picture

  • Alan Moore, iconic comic book writer, no longer desires profits from adaptations of his work, suggesting the funds should go to the creative talents.
  • Moore feels disconnected from comic books, criticizing superhero films for “infantalizing” adults and recycling old characters as adult fare.
  • Moore has a well-documented disdain for adaptations of his work and believes superhero movies have “blighted cinema,” finding no reason to watch them.

Alan Moore, the iconic comic book writer behind classics like Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell, and Batman: The Killing Joke, has openly expressed his long-standing disdain for adaptations of his work. However, in a departure from his previous stance, Moore went a step further, declaring that he no longer desires to receive any portion of the profits from future adaptations, either for film or television.

Despite the fact that Moore cannot dictate whether his comics are adapted for the big or small screen, reports have indicated that he has declined the financial compensation owed to him by the studios for the projects becoming successful, instead suggesting that these funds should be distributed among the creative talents responsible for bringing his stories to life. The author has long stated he is not interested in money, and is quite content with his quiet life in Northampton, a small town in England.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, however, Moore confirmed he was taking an even more extreme stance by stating that he no longer even wishes for a share of these proceeds to be allocated to those creators.

“I no longer with for it to even be shared with them. I don’t really feel, with the recent films, that they have stood by what I assumed were their original principles. So I asked for DC Comics to send all of the money from any future TV series or films to Black Lives Matter.”

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A Generation of Infantalized Adults

Moore added that he no longer felt the same connection to comic books as he had done in the past, having also decried the continued love of superhero films as “infantalising” a generation of adults, stating his own disturbance at viewing “hundreds of thousands of adults lining up to see characters and situations that had been created to entertain the 12-year-old boys — and it was always boys — of 50 years ago.”

“Now they’re called ‘graphic novels’, which sounds sophisticated, and you can charge a lot more for them,” he added. “These innocent and inventive and imaginative superhero characters from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s are being recycled to a modern audience as if they were adult fare.”

Moore’s Disdain for Adaptations of His Work

Moore is renowned for his well-documented disapproval of any adaptations of his creations, which encompasses disdain for projects such as HBO’s rendition of Watchmen, Zack Snyder’s cinematic interpretation of Watchmen, and the 2006 dystopian action film V for Vendetta. On a more broad level, though, he has nothing but negative things to say about the impact of superhero movies, which he believes have “blighted cinema”.

“I would be the last person to want to sit through any adaptations of my work,” Moore said in a 2022 interview with GQ. “From what I’ve heard of them, it would be enormously punishing. It would be torturous, and for no very good reason.”

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