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Watch: Over 700 people perform Yoga at London’s Trafalgar Square


Over 700 participants peformed Yoga at the Trafalgar Square in London ahead of International Yoga Day at an event organised by the High Commission of India in the United Kingdom.
The International Day of Yoga is celebrated worldwide on June 21 since 2015, following its adoption by the United Nations in 2014. The theme for the upcoming Yoga Day, marking its 10th anniversary, is “Yoga for Women Empowerment,” highlighting the role of yoga in promoting gender equality and empowering women across the globe.

Indian High Commissioner Vikram Doraiswami, expressing his delight at the event’s success, said, “It was a great pleasure to be able to have well over 700 people here in this central spot in London.With the iconic statues all around it. And of course, to have multiple yoga schools come here and lead us in the practice of yoga.” He emphasized the diverse community participation, highlighting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s message that yoga unites and is for everyone.
When asked about the differences from previous years, Doraiswami noted the increased number of participants, yoga schools involved, and the diversity of communities present. However, he stressed that the main focus remains on yoga’s role in healing and personal growth rather than aiming for differences in participation.
UK citizen Inderpal Ohri Chandel highlighted this year’s theme of women’s empowerment and the importance of yoga for Indians and Asians as a vital part of their heritage, fostering cultural connection and significance. She also mentioned the presence of the Indian Cricket Deaf Team members, who will be playing matches against Great Britain.
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