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Watch moment UFO shoots across surface of the moon as astronomer ‘cannot explain’ what he filmed through telescope


THIS is the incredible moment a UFO was captured shooting across the moon’s surface – baffling an astronomer.

Dr. Sebastian Voltmer was recording the night sky through a telescope when an object blasted through the image.

An astrologer captured a UFO on film


An astrologer captured a UFO on filmCredit: Dr Sebastian Votim
Although he isn't a UFO fanatic he couldn't explain the sighting


Although he isn’t a UFO fanatic he couldn’t explain the sightingCredit: Dr Sebastian Votim

Despite carrying out checks and not being a UFO fanatic he still cannot explain the footage.

Voltmer said: “While I was filming the moon, I suddenly saw a fast, bright something darting through the image.”

At first he thought it must have been a satellite or space station it was at a different point in Earth’s orbit at the time and satellites don’t normally shoot past the moon at such high speeds.

It is believed to have not been a meteor due to its distinctive tail being missing and its slower speed.

And the International Meteor Organisation did not have any records of one of the shooting stars at the time Voltmer was filming, reports grewi.de.

Voltmer also rules out flies or dust near the lens and thinks that the object must have been more than 500 meters away based on the plane of focus.

He told BILD: “I actually assume that it was at an altitude of 100 to 200 kilometers, i.e. in the transition to the so-called Low Earth Orbit.”

The exact shape of the object cannot be seen from the still image as it has been blurred by the speed it was travelling at.

Another possible explanation would be space debris or a military object but the astrologer said he would have expected more reports.

Planetary scientist lliot Sefton-Nash told BILD: “The object looks like a series of low-Earth orbit satellites with orbits close together.”

Sefton-Nash thinks they could be Starlink satellites. “As far as we know, Starlink orbits are often phased, so groups of them pass in quick succession.”

Shock video shows disc-shaped UFO floating over Ukraine warzone as ‘huge’ object spotted by drone

The real threat of UFOs and aliens

FOR decades, UFOs and aliens were considered to be make belief things created by people in tinfoil hats but they are now considered a threat to national security.

Long gone are those who claim conspiracy theories are all false as many are now discussed at the highest levels of government with US officials even admitting their existence.

As more and more credible witnesses continue to come forward to tell their extraordinary stories publicly.

The 2010s saw decades of stigmas around extra terrestrial life start to break down as politicians made UFO sightings a matter of national security.

Across the world, governments have also unveiled some spooky truths with some even showcasing “dead alien corpses” on display for congress.

Researchers recently verified the legitimacy of a set of three-fingered mummies as potential evidence of “non-human” life forms.

A line-up of doctors confirmed at Mexico’s Congress on Tuesday that the bodies, purportedly not of this Earth, were in fact real, once-living organisms.

The Pentagon also released a blockbuster 1,574 pages of real-life X-Files in 2022, related to its secretive UFO programme.

The haul includes reports into research on the biological effects of UFO sightings on humans, sets out categorisations for paranormal experiences, and studies into sci-fi-style tech.

Top UFO chief Sean Kirkpatrick told the world last year that he is set to step down from his job following his stern warning of concerning activity “in our backyard.”

The Pentagon’s UFO analysis office launched a UFO reporting service to the public after admitting to uncovering “some things” and calling the high number of suspicious activity either a foreign power or aliens.

Navy jet footage has revealed the intriguing images of a government-confirmed UFO baffling the internet.

The United States Government launched the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) in 2022 to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

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