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Watch: Huge bear tries to break into US woman’s home | World News


NEW DELHI: In a horrifying incident captured on a home security camera, an unexpected visitor attempted to enter a house in North Bend, Washington without an invitation.
Amy Holt, the resident of the house, encountered a large bear attempting to break in through her dog’s door.
The footage, shared on Facebook, shows the bear investigating the back door of Holt’s residence.Demonstrating a determination reminiscent of a persistent houseguest, the bear examines the windows before focusing on the small door designated for pets.
In the accompanying caption, Holt describes the bear’s antics, noting how it pushed on the window and spent considerable time trying to navigate the door, even reaching inside the house. Despite the noise generated by the bear, Holt’s dogs remained quiet throughout the encounter.

“The bear is back, but tonight he’s trying to break into the house. First, he pushed on our window in a couple spots, and then proceeded to spend some time trying to figure out our doggie door. He was actually reaching inside the house. Our dogs never barked, even though he was making quite a bit of noise with the doggie door. We keep yelling at him and making noise, but it doesn’t seem to faze him much,” reads the caption.
Despite its efforts, the bear was unable to fit through the small door, and attempts to push through the windows proved unsuccessful. Holt, speaking to KOMO-TV, acknowledged such encounters as a part of life in North Bend.
This incident echoes a similar one from last year in Annandale, New Jersey, where a couple faced a bear attempting to break into their home after chasing their dogs.

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