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Watch a Scene From ‘Bottoms’

by smbpapon22P

In “Anatomy of a Scene,” we ask directors to reveal the secrets that go into making key scenes in their movies. See new episodes in the series on Fridays. You can also watch our collection of more than 150 videos on YouTube and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

In the comedy “Bottoms,” the first rule of fight club is: Learn how to lead a fight club.

PJ (Rachel Sennott) and Josie (Ayo Edebiri) have begun a self-defense group at their high school, mostly to meet girls they hope to sleep with. But the small wrench in their plan is that they have no idea how to fight.

In this scene, the two hold their first meeting with a few potential participants in the gymnasium. And to say that they wing it is an understatement. Narrating the sequence, the director Emma Seligman discusses building up the characters’ anxiety, desperation and faux confidence through improvisation.

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