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Warsaw eyes imposing embargo on additional Ukrainian goods


Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Feb. 27 that Poland may expand the list of banned Ukrainian goods.

Warsaw has restricted Ukrainian grain imports since April 15, while allowing the shipment of grain to other countries via Poland. Poland’s Agricultural Ministry also accused Ukrainian food products of being of poor quality.

In February, Polish farmers started a new wave of protests in response to Ukrainian agricultural imports and the disagreement over the EU’s Green Deal.

The crops, en route to the port of Gdansk and then to other countries, were dumped at a Polish railway station near Bydgoszcz, Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said on Feb. 25.

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Tusk said Poland aims to “protect the EU’s market and the local manufacturers.” According to him, Ukrainian goods “pose a threat” to the Polish economy.

“Standards for EU and Polish farmers are very high. And there are no standards for Ukrainian goods,” Tusk said, cited by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

Poland wants to help Ukraine (in confronting the Russian invasion) but not by causing damage to its economy, he added.

Tusk said that during his visit to Kyiv in January, the Polish and Ukrainian governments agreed to meet in Warsaw on March 28.

Previously, the Polish prime minister rejected President Volodymyr Zelensky’s proposal to meet at their countries’ border to solve the ongoing blockade led by Polish farmers.

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