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Videos shows helicopter raid on ship near Strait of Hormuz; Mideast defense official says Iran behind attack


NEW DELHI: A helicopter-borne commando raid has been conducted on a ship near the Strait of Hormuz on Saturday, according to a video obtained by The Associated Press .
According to a Mideast defense official, the attack was attributed to Iran amidst escalating tensions between Tehran and the West.
The video, which AP could not immediately verify but corresponded to known details of the boarding, showed the attack previously reported by the British military’s United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations.The helicopter involved appeared to be one used by Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard, known for conducting similar ship raids in the past.
Iran has not officially acknowledged seizing any vessel. However, since 2019, Iran has been involved in a series of ship seizures and attacks on vessels attributed to it, amid ongoing tensions with the West over its rapidly advancing nuclear program.
The Gulf of Oman, located near the Strait of Hormuz, is a crucial waterway through which a fifth of all oil passes. Fujairah, a main port in the region on the United Arab Emirates’ eastern coast, serves as a hub for ships to take on new oil cargo, pick up supplies, or trade out crew.
Since 2019, the waters off Fujairah have witnessed a series of explosions and hijackings, with the US Navy blaming Iran for limpet mine attacks on vessels that damaged tankers.

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