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‘VHS 85’ Gets Unsettling, Gory New Trailer

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The Big Picture

  • V/H/S/85 is the sixth film in the heart-pounding horror anthology franchise, featuring five short stories from different filmmakers in a signature found-footage style.
  • The trailer introduces a masked individual being interrogated about the origin of the videotapes, revealing their connection to nightmares and recognizable visuals.
  • The franchise debuted in 2012 with a similar plot, involving a criminal gang hired to acquire a rare VHS tape. Each film in the anthology reveals horrifying and supernatural stories through the viewing of these tapes.

The heart-pounding horror anthology V/H/S is coming back in October with its sixth film, named V/H/S/85, in its signature found-footage style. It features five short stories from five filmmakers including Gigi Saul Guerrero (Culture Shock), Scott Derrickson (The Black Phone), David Bruckner (Hellraiser), Mike P. Nelson (Wrong Turn), and Natasha Kermani (Lucky).

The movie, distributed by Shudder, follows the chilling tales of found footage horror and takes viewers on a gore-filled journey through the traditional grim and unsettling world of the franchise. The V/H/S franchise typically features different writers and directors for each short story so that the final product comes out dynamic, complex, and unsettling — and that’s also the case with V/H/S/85.

The trailer begins with two interrogators, inquiring from who looks like a masked individual, about where the videotapes came from. The person being interrogated begins to explain that it all started when he bought a video recorder, followed by a confession of having some nightmares and flashes that he had afterward — and that he recognized those visuals. Upon inquiring about where the videotapes came from once again, the individual replies, “You saw what’s on them, ” making the trailer all the more spooky and exciting.

The ‘V/H/S’ Franchise Debuted in 2012 With a Similar Plot

Masked Guy in V/H/S/85
Image via Shudder

V/H/S’s first movie was released in 2012 and had a similar frame narrative that focused on a criminal gang, fond of filming their criminal exploits. This gang is then hired by an unknown third party to burglarize an abandoned house and acquire a rare VHS tape. As they search through the house, they discover a collection of VHS tapes, each containing a different horrifying and supernatural story. Plus, the corpse of a man sitting in front of the TV. The film unfolds as these tapes are viewed by different individuals one by one, revealing a series of terrifying and gruesome events.

The other movies of the horror anthology franchise are V/H/S which came out in 2012, V/H/S/2 in 2013, V/H/S: Viral the very next year, and then V/H/S/94 in 2021, and V/H/S/99 in 2022. Fans can expect V/H/S/85’s five short stories to be from the ‘80s and will feature a gritty and nostalgic camera work. It will have a running time of 110 mins. The movie is produced by Joshua Goldbloom, Brad Miska, David Bruckner, Radio Silence, James Harris, Michael Schrieber, and Adam Boorstin and will feature actors but not limited to Rolando Davila-Beltran, Ari Gallegos, Marcio Moreno, Tom Reed, and Felipe de Lara. The movie premieres on Shudder on October 6, 2023. Check out the trailer and official poster below.

Image via Shudder

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