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Vagit Alekperov Tops Forbes Ranking of Richest Russians


Vagit Alekperov, the visionary founder of Lukoil, has claimed the top spot on Forbes’ annual ranking of the richest Russians, marking a historic milestone in his career.

Alekperov’s remarkable ascent sees him soar five places to secure the 59th position on the global stage, showcasing his exceptional prowess and unwavering determination. His fortune has surged from $20.5 billion to $28.6 billion within a year, highlighting his unparalleled success in the energy sector.

Following closely behind is Leonid Mikhelson, the esteemed Chairman of the Board at Novatek PJSC, boasting a wealth of $27.4 billion, a significant increase of $5.8 billion from the previous year. Vladimir Lisin, co-owner of NLMK, completes the top three with an imposing fortune of $26.6 billion, cementing his stature as an industry titan.

Leonid Mikhelson Russian-Israeli businessman [PHOTO: Alexey Druzhinin/Presidential press service/TASS]

However, not all have fared as well amidst the fluctuations of fortune. Andrey Melnichenko, last year’s champion and the driving force behind Eurochem and SUEK, has plummeted to seventh place after experiencing a substantial decline in wealth. His fortune has dwindled by $4.1 billion, now standing at $21.1 billion, serving as a stark reminder of the volatile nature of the global economy.

Russian-Emirati entrepreneur Andrey Melnichenko-forbes-richest-russians-2024
Russian-Emirati entrepreneur Andrey Melnichenko [PHOTO: Baron]

Despite these challenges, the ranks of Russian billionaires continue to swell, with 125 individuals from the nation making their mark on the Forbes list this year, compared to 110 in the previous year. Among the newcomers are Yuri Maksimov and Denis Frolov, two brilliant programmers whose rapid ascent to billionaire status has captured the world’s attention.

As the year progresses, the relentless pursuit of wealth among the richest Russians shows no signs of slowing down, reaffirming their dominance on the global financial stage.

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