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Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson Battle The Mob in ‘The Kill Room’ Trailer

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The Big Picture

  • The Kill Room, a crime thriller starring Uma Thurman, Joe Manganiello, and Samuel L. Jackson, will be released on September 29th.
  • The film revolves around an art dealer, a hitman, and his boss, whose money-laundering adventures turn the hitman into an unexpected sensation in the art world.
  • Director Nicol Paone praises Uma Thurman for her performance and collaboration, as well as her contribution as a producer in bringing The Kill Room to audiences.

The darkly comedic crime thriller, The Kill Room, is set to open on September 29th, and Collider is thrilled to be partnering with Shout! Studios to bring readers an exclusive look at the final trailer for the movie from director Nicol Paone, which stars Uma Thurman, Joe Manganiello and Samuel L. Jackson. The film also marks the first time Thurman and Jackson have teamed since their Academy Award-nominated performances in Quentin Tarantino‘s Pulp Fiction in 1994. The film tells the story of a hitman, his boss, and an art dealer whose money-laundering exploits accidentally turn the assassin into a cultural sensation as the worlds of the mob and high art collide.

Patrice Capullo (Thurman), faces a daunting dilemma as her art gallery struggles to turn a profit. Meanwhile, Gordon Davis (Jackson), grapples with an even more significant predicament. Although orchestrating hits for the mob is lucrative, he and his “colleague” Reggie Pitt (Manganiello), urgently need a more effective means to launder their ill-gotten gains. A chance meeting facilitated by Patrice’s drug dealer brings together the worlds of art and crime, leading to the birth of a daring plan.

The only snag in their plan is that Patrice needs something of value to sell. In response, Reggie decides to unleash his hidden artistic talents and creates a painting that is quickly purchased for a staggering sum. When news of the remarkable price paid for this work by an unknown artist inadvertently became public, it marks the birth of “The Bagman’s” career as an artist, drawing significant attention and media coverage. This unexpected development deeply displeases his higher-ups in the criminal underworld, and the trio must now deal with the consequences while finding their way out.

A Note from the Filmmaker


Director Nicol Paone offered the following statement alongside the release of the trailer, praising Uma Thurman—not just for her performance, but as a collaborator and producer—for her help in bringing the movie to audiences.

“The Kill Room” started as a desire to peel back the layers of the art world with some much-needed levity. I owe Uma Thurman, the master that she is, my left arm and part of my leg, not only for trusting me and taking the leap but for bringing her friend, Academy Award Winner Samuel L. Jackson, on board. Witnessing Sam and Uma light up the screen together is like a rare cosmic event that makes everything feel miraculously in place. I am forever grateful to them and the rest of our incredible cast for their outstanding performances. Leaving the theater, I hope folks feel the sheer joy we had making this wild and fun crime caper.”

A Family Affair for Uma Thurman

The film is notable in that it also marks the first time Thurman will share the screen with her daughter, Maya Hawke (Stranger Things). The outstanding supporting cast for the film includes the likes of Debi Mazar (Younger, Goodfellas), Dree Hemingway (The Unicorn, Starlet), Amy Keum (Honor Society, Evil), Candy Buckley (Rare Objects, Bachelorette), Larry Pine (Succession, The Royal Tenenbaums), Jennifer Kim (Mozart in the Jungle, The Bourne Legacy), Matthew Maher (Air, Captain Marvel), Tom Pecinka (The Survivalist), and Alexander Sokovikov (For All Man Kind, The Americans).

The Kill Room will be opening in theaters nationwide on September 29th via Shout! Studios. Catch the exclusive trailer down below.

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