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Ukrainian Supreme Court official charged with supporting Russian invasion


A Ukrainian Supreme Court official has been declared suspected of supporting Russia’s invasion, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) reported on Feb. 5.

The man was unnamed but described by the SBU as “the head of one of the structural divisions of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.”

The SBU said that evidence includes recorded conversations in which the man said Ukraine should hand over the regions of Odesa and Kherson to Russia.

He also said he supported Wagner mercenaries and hoped for a renewed Russian attempt to occupy Ukrainian territories, including Lviv, according to the SBU.

Law enforcement searched the suspect’s residence and found evidence of his support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine on mobile phones and computers. The search also revealed almost 300 small arms cartridges, “pro-Kremlin literature,” and equipment for “illegal surveillance.”

The man has been informed that he is suspected of the crime of justifying, recognizing as legitimate, or denying Russian armed aggression against Ukraine, or glorifying its participants, committed by an official.

The SBU said the investigation is ongoing and the suspect could face up to eight years imprisonment. The SBU did not say whether the man is already in pre-trial detention.

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