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Ukrainian special forces capture Russian equipment from Black Sea drilling platform


Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces conducted an operation on a Russian-occupied drilling platform off the coast of Crimea, the Defense Ministry reported on Feb. 6.

Ukraine carries out frequent attacks on Russian military assets occupying Crimea and around its coast.

Russian forces used the drilling platform to control part of the Black Sea and adjust fire toward the south of Ukraine, according to a video the Special Operations Forces posted online.

The video showed a group of Special Operations Forces landing on the platform and searching for equipment, including radar and a drone signal enhancing system.

After taking the equipment, the group installed mines on the platform and retreated, according to the video. The antenna mast of the platform was blown up.

Air Force spokesperson Yurii Ihnat said on Feb. 1 that Ukraine has certain “tools” at its disposal that means it can strike Russian military targets occupying Crimea “methodologically and regularly.”

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