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Ukraine’s Special Forces blew up Russian radar station in Black Sea


Ukraine’s Special Forces blew up Russian radar station in Black Sea

As a result of a successful operation on one of the extraction platforms in the Black Sea, the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have destroyed a Russian radar station and equipment that assisted the Russians in attacking southern Ukraine with kamikaze drones.

Source: Special Operations Forces (SOF); Ukrainska Pravda

Quote from SOF: “Operators of the 73rd Naval Centre of the SOF conducted a highly complex and effective operation in the Black Sea near the coast of temporarily occupied Crimea, swiftly responding in the potential enemy’s strike zone.”

Details: Intelligence reports indicate that one of the illegally seized extraction platforms (UP sources say that it was one of the so-called Boyko towers, strategically important gas and oil platforms in the Black Sea between Crimea and the city of Odesa) was used by the Russians to enhance the operation of the Mohajer-6 UAV. Specifically, they installed equipment that increases its range and operational radius. It is noted that the Russians used such a drone for reconnaissance and subsequent strikes with Shahed kamikaze drones on critical infrastructure facilities in southern Ukraine.

Additionally, the Russians installed a Neva-B overwater object detection radar station on the platform. Using this radar, the Russians monitored the situation in the northwestern part of the Black Sea. The recent special operation was carried out in the area of constant patrolling by the Russian aviation and fleet, the SOF say.

At night, boats of the 73rd Naval Centre of the SOF approached the extraction platform. After taking special actions and clearing the area, the facility was mined. The combat group moved to a safe distance and detonated the Russian target.

The SOF reports that, as a result, important Russian equipment was captured, and the structure holding the antenna was destroyed.

Quote: “The successfully conducted special operation ensured safer movement of ships and limited the enemy’s capabilities in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.”

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