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Ukraine’s maritime exports reached pre-war level in January


Thanks to the functioning of the Ukrainian sea corridor, the volume of the country’s sea exports returned to pre-war levels in January.

Source: Denys Shmyhal, Ukraine’s Prime Minister, during a government meeting

Quote: “The Ukrainian maritime logistics corridor has been operational for six months. Six months ago, we lifted the Black Sea blockade and increased Ukrainian maritime trade,” the head of government said.

Details: In addition, a project on export insurance against military risks, specifically the insurance of ships entering Ukrainian ports, could be launched at the same time.

“More than 660 ships have already passed through the new grain corridor, carrying approximately 20 million tonnes of cargo to 32 countries around the world. 70% of these cargoes contain agricultural products from our agricultural producers,” Shmyhal emphasises.

In January, Ukraine resumed pre-war sea export volumes, and total exports are already approaching the pre-war levels.

In monetary terms, total Ukrainian exports in January were US$3.1 billion, with sea exports accounting for US$1.9 billion.

“This allows us to accumulate internal resources. After all, every hryvnia that comes into the budget from export trade goes toward defense. For improved military support, drones and ammunition, innovative defence industry products, and much more,” the Prime Minister explained.


According to the Ministry of Economy, in January 2024, Ukraine set a record in terms of  physical export volumes since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, with domestic producers exporting 12 million tonnes of goods.

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