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Ukraine’s Armed Forces face challenge to create technological rearmament system – Commander-in-Chief


Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has stated in his column for CNN that the Armed Forces of Ukraine face the challenge of creating a totally new state system of technical rearmament.

Source: column of Zaluzhnyi for CNN

Quote: “The challenge for our armed forces cannot be underestimated. It is to create a completely new state system of technological rearmament.”

Details: Zaluzhnyi adds that, taking everything into account at this moment, the creation of such a system could be achieved in five months.

“Our partners are of the same view,” he stressed.

He believes that these five months will be spent creating an appropriate organisational structure, filling and equipping positions, providing training and support, building out the supporting infrastructure and logistics, and developing a doctrinal framework.

Zaluzhnyi also listed the problems that hinder the development of the Armed Forces, including the incapability of state institutions in Ukraine to improve the level of staffing of our Armed Forces without taking unpopular measures, as well as the imperfection of a legal base in Ukraine and the partial monopolisation of the defence industry.

“Our combat experience, particularly since 2022, is unique – but in the interests of victory, we must constantly find new ways and new capabilities to help us gain an advantage over the enemy,” Zaluzhnyi noted.

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