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Ukraine uncovers Russian espionage network with operations in 3 oblasts – photo


The Security Service of Ukraine has reportedly uncovered a Russian FSB espionage network operating in three of Ukraine’s oblasts. Among those detained is an engineer from a defence plant and a Donetsk Oblast municipal official.

Source: Ukraine’s Security Service

Quote: “The counterintelligence force of the Security Service has neutralised an extensive FSB espionage network. As a result of the special operation, five Russian agents were simultaneously detained, operating in the Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, and Donetsk oblasts.

The criminals were conducting reconnaissance on locations with the highest concentration of Ukrainian personnel and equipment in frontline areas.”


Photo: Ukraine’s Security Service

Details: Reportedly, the individuals involved were attempting to pinpoint locations at which the Armed Forces were storing ammunition and fuel. They were also interested in the locations and operational details of industrial facilities where heavy weapon systems of the Ukrainian forces are repaired.

Additionally, Russian collaborators were gathering information about the results of Russian airstrikes and assisting Russia in fine-tuning future missile attacks.


Photo: Ukraine’s Security Service

It is noted that in an attempt to conceal their activities, the criminals acted separately from each other but reported to a common handler – a personnel officer of the FSB. The Security Service emphasises that the identity of this coordinator is already known to law enforcement agencies.

Among those detained are an official from the department of a municipal council in Donetsk, a former head of a local co-operative business, a resident of Kramatorsk, a technician from a defence enterprise in Zaporizhzhia, and an employee of a transportation company from Odesa.


Photo: Ukraine’s Security Service

The investigation’s findings indicate that each of the suspects was an active participant in pro-Kremlin groups on popular messaging services before being recruited by Russian special services.

For communication with the Russian agents, the handler created an anonymous chat for each of them, deleting all read correspondence.

During the searches, the detainees’ mobile phones, which they used for communication with the FSB, were seized.

The suspects have been charged under Article 111.2 (state treason committed under conditions of martial law) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The criminals are currently in custody and facing the possibility of life imprisonment, concluded the Security Service of Ukraine.

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