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Ukraine to use construction waste from destroyed building for reconstruction


The Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine will apply circular economy approaches for the rebuilding of Ukraine.

Source: statement of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

Details: According to local authorities, as of the end of 2023, there were over 450,000 tonnes of construction waste from the damage caused by the Russians all over the country.

“While there is no tradition of deep recycling of construction waste in Ukraine, the index of recycling is 6% of the total quantity. But ahead of the big rebuilding of the country, we consider this waste as a possible future resource for the construction sector,” Natalia Kozlovska, Deputy Minister of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development, said.

She stated that a complex approach must be applied to solve this issue in the following directions:

  • creation of a necessary regulatory framework concerning waste sorting and recycling technology and establishing corresponding technological processes;

  • creation of a catalogue of construction products made using raw materials based on recycled waste;

  • further development of standards concerning the production of such construction products.

Recycling of the waste from destroyed buildings includes sorting, processing, production and transportation. All this requires significant financial investments, so the state should develop corresponding economic models, target indicators of construction waste recycling and norms concerning the mandatory use of a certain percentage of secondary raw materials in reconstruction projects.

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