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Ukraine preparing to launch mass production of Lancet drone analog


Ukraine will sign first contracts for the mass production of attack drones similar to Russian Lancet drones “in the coming weeks,” Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov said on Feb. 7.

The Lancet is a kamikaze drone with a range of 40 kilometers produced by ZALA Aero Group, a subsidiary of Russian arms giant Kalashnikov Concern.

Since Russia started using the Lancet in large numbers on the battlefield in late 2022, it has proved to be one of Russia’s most effective weapons against high-value targets located dozens of kilometers behind the front line.

Ukraine has intensified its efforts to ramp up domestic production of attack drones, a critical tool on the battlefield, aiming to manufacture one million drones this year.

“In the 20-kilometer range, we have a lot of drones. But we need to hit targets at the 40-kilometer range…,” Fedorov told Forbes Ukraine.

“It took six months to accelerate the market in this direction. A certain number of companies are on the radar, and we are testing their products.”

A day before, Zelensky signed a decree creating a separate branch of Ukraine’s Armed Forces dedicated to drones.

The Unmanned Systems Forces will focus on improving Ukraine’s work with drones, creating special drone-specific units, ramping up training, systemizing their use, increasing production, and pushing innovation.

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