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Ukraine meets conditions for preventing border blocking by Polish hauliers


Ukraine’s Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development has complied with all the agreements that were reached to prevent Polish hauliers from blocking the border between Ukraine and Poland.

Source: the press service of the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development

Details: Dialogue on border blocking issues is ongoing between the Ukrainian side and Poland’s Ministry of Infrastructure. Another conversation has taken place on Ukraine’s initiative between Serhii Derkach, Deputy Minister of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure, and Paweł Gancarz, the Polish Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.

“We are receiving signals that hauliers are said to be joining the Polish farmers’ blockade. The hauliers suspended their protest after reaching an agreement with the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure. Some of these agreements included points that were agreed to by our ministry,” Derkach said.

“We kept our word and have done everything we promised. My counterpart assured me that they were doing everything in their power to prevent the hauliers from resuming their protest. The issues that remain unresolved are the responsibility of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland,” he emphasised.

Derkach also informed the Polish side that there have been documented cases in which some lorries crossed over to Ukraine bypassing the blockade, i.e. without queuing. The Ministry of Infrastructure records such cases and is expecting an official response.

The Ministry has also asked the European Commission to speed up the process of preparing for the extension of the Liberalisation Agreement and to hold the relevant meetings and negotiations.

“At the same time, even if the hauliers do not return to the border, the situation remains difficult due to the blockade by farmers and has already gone beyond the limits of civilised protest. Currently, more than 2,000 lorries remain blocked on the Polish side of the border,” the Ministry stressed.

Drivers waiting in queues are provided with hot lunches by volunteers with support from the ministry, Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

Background: About 2,100 lorries are still queuing at the border with Poland. Ukrainian hauliers will mirror the blocking of Polish-registered lorries for as long as the Poles continue to do the same.

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