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Ukraine brings back three families with children from Russian occupation


Three families with four minor children from the occupied territory have been brought back to Ukraine.

Source: Save Ukraine charity organisation

Details: Volunteers said that the parents of Milana and Zhenia (names changed for security reasons) lost their business because they did not want to receive Russian passports and pay taxes to Russia.

Quote: “The children and their mother were forced to stay in the basement almost all day long, as the Russians were constantly bombarding their village with mortars. And when there were explosions, Milana would turn up the cartoons to avoid hearing these sounds,” the member of the organisation said.


Photo: Save Ukraine

Anzhela lived with her mother in an occupied town.

The occupiers would “invite” the schoolgirl to study in a Russian school three times, but the girl would refuse each time.

The girl’s mother said that a Russian air defence system was stationed near their house, and several times, the Russians shot down UAVs right over their house. The Russians also often launched small drones with parachutes. These devices would fly close by and self-destruct. This is how the Russian army manipulated local residents and lied about “bombardment by the Ukrainian Armed Forces”.

Arsen’s older brother served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the family’s settlement was under occupation, and they could not leave on their own. Russians would come to their house several times to search it.

Quote: “The first search was the worst, when their yard was surrounded by Tigers and URALs (Russian military transport vehicles – ed.), and a sniper sat in front of the house and aimed at the window. The father was interrogated for several hours, forced to take off his clothes and show if he had any tattoos,” the organisation writes.

His mother packed and unpacked her bags several times to leave the occupied territory. But the woman was afraid that because of her elder son, she would be turned back at the filtration point, and her younger son would be taken away.


In early February, four children under the age of 16 were recovered from the Russian-occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts. The youngest is not even a year old yet.

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