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Ukraine attacked Belgorod Oblast, Russian governor claims


Ukraine attacked Russia’s Belgorod Oblast twice on Feb. 4, Belgorod Oblast Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov claimed.

According to Gladkov, the alleged attacks damaged the roof of a building and a gas pipe in the village of Demidovka, which sits at the border with Ukraine’s eastern Sumy Oblast.

Gladkov also claimed that Ukraine had attacked another village in the region, Stary Khutor, which also sits near the Ukrainian border.

No casualties were reported.

Ukrainian authorities did not comment on Gladkov’s claims.

Russia’s Belgorod Oblast lies borders the Ukrainian oblasts of Sumy, Kharkiv, and Luhansk, and is frequently used to launch attacks against Ukraine.

Russian officials have frequently claimed cross-border strikes by Ukraine. Russian authorities claimed that a Ukrainian strike on Belgorod on Dec. 30 killed 25 people and injured over 100.

The Kyiv Independent could not independently verify the claims. Ukraine also did not claim responsibility for the attack, which came one day after Russia launched a massive aerial attack against Kyiv.

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