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Ukraine aims to shift electronic warfare production to commercial markets


Ukraine aims to shift electronic warfare (EW) production to commercial markets, said Digital Transformation Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

“We are working to replicate the success with drones. To fully open up the market and create competition,” Fedorov said.

His announcement comes as Ukraine intensified its efforts to ramp up domestic production of attack drones, a critical tool on the battlefield, aiming to manufacture a million drones this year.

On Feb. 7, Fedorov said Ukraine will sign the first contracts for the mass production of attack drones similar to Russian Lancet drones “in the coming weeks.”

On Jan. 13, following yet another Russian mass attack, the Institute for the Study of War said that Ukraine’s use of active electronic countermeasures to disable 20 Russian missiles may be “an inflection in Ukrainian electronic warfare capabilities.”

The institute noted that Ukrainian electronic warfare is usually credited with disabling drones, not missiles.

Earlier in January, however, the FT analysis said that even though Ukraine and Russia are both deploying sophisticated EW capabilities, Moscow enjoys an upper hand as it heavily invested in these systems before the war.

In November, former Commander-in-Chief Valerii Zaluzhnyi called EW capabilities “the key to victory in the drone war.”

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