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UK Prime Minister rejects Putin’s pretext for war in Ukraine


UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s claim that the war he has unleashed against Ukraine is the result of NATO expansion “clearly ridiculous”.

Source: UK PM Sunak was quoted by The Guardian with reference to PA, European Pravda reports.

Details: Sunak said that Russia had carried out an illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

Quote: “I’m proud that the UK has stood strongly with Ukraine from the beginning… We can’t let this type of behaviour go unchecked. It impacts all of our security.”

Sunak added that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has affected everyone’s electricity bills.

Quote: “And that’s why we’re working closely, not just with the US but with allies around the world, to give Ukraine the support it needs for as long as it takes to repel the Russian invasion,” the prime minister said.


  • Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the controversial former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

  • In the interview, Putin complained that the current situation was caused by the constant expansion of NATO and Ukraine’s possible accession to it.

  • The Russian president stated that Russia “did not achieve its goals” in the war against Ukraine and also mentioned that Russia was “forced to take Crimea under its protection” in 2014.

  • Putin also expressed his alleged desire “to achieve a resolution to the situation in Ukraine through negotiations”.

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