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UK PM Sunak declines to apologise over transgender jibe | World News


NEW DELHI: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has refused to apologize for a comment he made about opposition leader Keir Starmer’s gender identity.
This comment has received criticism, especially in light of the recent tragic murder of a transgender girl.
Sunak’s Conservative Party, currently behind in the opinion polls ahead of an upcoming election, has been attempting to use identity politics as a weapon and portray the Labour Party as too liberal or “woke.”
During a parliamentary exchange on Wednesday, Sunak claimed that Starmer had changed his stance on “defining a woman.” The mother of the murdered girl, Brianna Ghey, had been invited to observe this exchange. Sunak’s team explained that he was highlighting Labour’s changing positions on significant policies.
However, political opponents quickly accused him of insensitively exploiting a family tragedy. Ghey’s father expressed shock and called for an apology from Sunak.
When asked about his comments, Sunak expressed sympathy for the family and friends of the murdered girl, stating, “I have nothing but the most heartfelt sympathy for her entire family and friends.” However, he defended his remarks, saying that he was highlighting Starmer’s multiple U-turns on major policies due to a lack of a plan.
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