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UK intelligence reports shortage of doctors in Russia due to war against Ukraine


UK Defence Intelligence has analysed the impact of the Kremlin’s war against Ukraine on Russia’s medical sector.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence review dated 11 February on Twitter, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The UK MoD noted that Russia is facing a shortage of doctors and healthcare workers due to the war against Ukraine.

UK Defence Intelligence pointed out that after the mobilisation in Russia in September 2022, medical workers were warned against leaving the country, though up to 2% of Russian doctors and medical workers have fled to avoid conscription.

In addition, up to 3,000 Russian healthcare workers may have been drafted to provide medical care during the hostilities.

The UK intelligence cites data from the Russian Ministry of Health, according to which the Russian medical sector lacks about 26,500 doctors and 58,200 nurses. A significant shortage of doctors is observed in 22 regions, with 7 more regions experiencing an acute lack of relevant specialists.

Another estimate from January 2024 suggests that the number of doctors had fallen by 7,500 in the previous 15 months, with many blaming long working hours and low salaries. Russia’s State Duma Committee on Regional Policy and Local Self-Government noted in its report on the 2024 budget that the poorest regions of Russia will face challenges in financing healthcare salaries.

Quote: “The heavy resource and financial burden of supporting Russia’s war in Ukraine is negatively affecting a range of civilian sectors that serve the Russian population. There are no signs that the trend of reducing numbers of healthcare professionals in Russia will change during 2024.”

Background: Earlier, UK Defence Intelligence noted that the latest Ukrainian strike on the Belbek airfield in Russian-occupied Crimea further derailed the potential of Russian aircraft.

The Estonian General Staff has suggested that the presidential elections in Russia scheduled for March will have an impact on the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine.

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