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UK intelligence comments on Russia’s offensive efforts in Avdiivka in recent weeks


UK intelligence has stated that the city of Avdiivka remains the focus of Russian operations in Ukraine and that the Russian forces will continue their offensive efforts in the area in the coming weeks.

Source: UK Ministry of Defence in a review on 8 February, as reported by European Pravda

Details: UK Defence Intelligence noted that Russia had continued to attack the southeastern outskirts of Avdiivka, fighting to capture each street. In particular, over the past two weeks, the Russians have likely moved additional forces to the Avdiivka front, increasing pressure on Ukrainian positions around the city. Ukraine, on the other hand, continues counterattacks to secure the main supply route.

Quote: “Over the past four weeks, approximately 600 guided munitions have been launched against Ukrainian positions in Avdiivka from tactical aircraft. Russian sorties increased guided aerial munitions strikes from 30 to 50 per day on 5 February 2024, an increase of 66 per cent over the last two weeks.”

More details: At the same time, UK intelligence noted that Russian aircraft were forced to keep their distance, sacrificing the accuracy of their munitions, because of the efficiency of Ukrainian air defence troops.

Quote: “Russia is almost certain to continue offensive pressure in this area over the next several weeks, heavily leveraging tactical air power to support its effort.”

Background: A previous UK intelligence review stated that the Russian regime believed it had managed to eliminate any potential threats from the Wagner Group.

In one of the previous reviews, UK intelligence also described how Russia was using the remnants of the Wagner Group after the failed Prigozhin coup.

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