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UFC Vegas 86 results: Sooo … About last night | Hermansson vs. Pyfer


Last night (Sat., Feb. 10, 2024), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) remained inside the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada for UFC Vegas 86. Another weekend, another Middleweight main event inside everyone fight fan’s favorite (or least favorite) warehouse. If nothing else, this event was an improvement from the week prior! Well, the overall name value was probably about the same, but at least this latest iteration of an Apex “Fight Night” featured some well-liked and consistently exciting veterans on its main card.

One week until UFC 298! Until then, let’s take a look back over at UFC Vegas 85’s best performances and techniques:

UFC Fight Night: Hermansson v Pyfer

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

A Classic Veteran Win

Jack Hermansson did exactly what he was supposed to do against Joe Pyfer to secure a hard-fought unanimous decision victory.

Predictably, the fight began with some heavy Pyfer swings. The boxer connected on a decent portion of them, and his massive power edge was abundantly clear. All the same, Hermansson remained composed under fire, keeping his guard high and mostly just staying defensive in the opening five minutes to effectively weather the storm.

He opened up a bit more in the second, but still, it was Pyfer swinging fire in his direction … but his punches failed to land as often or with the same effect. The tables turned fully in the third, when Hermansson’s jab and calf kick both began to land with real consistency. Suddenly, Pyfer’s nose was bloody, his lead leg unstable, and he was pinned with his back to the fence looking rather confused.

Once Hermansson gained control, he did not offer it back to “Bodybagz.” My only real critique was the lack of wrestling, seeing as brutalizing his opposition from top position is Hermansson’s most consistent path to a finish. He shot just twice in 25 minutes — once early in the second and once midway through the fifth — and the late takedown was score in fairly effortless fashion.

Regardless, a great statement from Hermansson: he’s not going anywhere.

UFC Fight Night: Ige v Fili

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Ige Defends His Rank

Dan Ige doesn’t react kindly to unranked opposition trying to take the number next to his name. Last time that happened, he scored a thunderous right hand knockout early in the first round. It took a couple minutes longer, but otherwise, history repeated itself opposite Andre Fili.

An interesting kickboxing match was brewing. Both men were landing well with their kicks, and Ige looked to work in bursts while Fili played the counter fighting angle. Neither was really taking over when a single right hand connected perfectly, instantly ending the contest.

At the highest level, that’s sometimes all it takes.

UFC Fight Night: Bryczek v Potieria

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Potieria Defeats Bryczek

Presented without comment:

UFC Fight Night: Tavares v Rodrigues

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Robocop Puts It All Together

Gregory Rodrigues is an amazingly fun fighter. Anyone who sits down and watches the entire “Robocop” UFC career will walk away a fan. The Brazilian has not, however, proven himself a future title contender in the eyes of many.

Last night’s performance against Brad Tavares was a step in the right direction. Tavares is a technical range striker with ironclad takedown defense, an opponent that requires a sound strategy. Opposite the veteran, Rodrigues really utilized all his offensive options and crafty transitions to slowly take over the fight.

Rodrigues is a great brawler, and he occasionally brawled when the moment fit. He also actively pursued takedowns, briefly using a front headlock/d’arce choke threat to set up strong knees. In the second, Rodrigues began to batter the low kick specialist’s lead leg, and he also timed his double leg off Tavares’ kicks really well.

All that offense served to break down Tavares. As Tavares’ feet slowed, Rodrigues could plant his feet and unload power punches, and the Hawaiian was never going to be able to withstand that pure power.

If “Robocop” can continue to present opponents a tactical and multi-pronged attack, he can climb far in the 185-pound division.

UFC Fight Night: Vieira v Petrosyan

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

The Best Rodolfo Yet

Rodolfo Vieira put together a very nice first-round victory over Armen Petrosyan last night. Though the finish came via arm triangle choke, Vieira actually showed off his full game and continued development.

Early on, it was the jab that set the tone. I won’t say Vieira was winning the stand up necessarily, but it was competitive, and his jab definitely snapped Petrosyan’s head back. His boxing was good enough to set up an easy takedown entry, which is the real goal of his stand up anyway.

Speaking of wrestling, Vieira wrestled well! His transitions into the double leg looked good, as did his clinch takedowns. We know Vieira is a jiu-jitsu master, but if his wrestling and boxing continue to develop, he’ll land in the Top 15 sooner than later.

UFC Fight Night: Giles v Prates

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

One Punch!

Carlos Prates — NOT Carlos Prater, a different Brazilian Welterweight who fought for the UFC back in 2012 — put Trevin Giles to sleep last night with a single punch.

“The Nightmare” started slowly. A Muay Thai veteran, Prates was a little stiff in his stance and a little less mobile than Giles. He pressured throughout the first, but it was Giles who jumped into the pocket with big powerful combinations. He never stunned Prates, but he stayed ahead on the volume game and moved enough that Prates couldn’t set his feet and throw hard in return.

The intercepting knee proved a real game changer. Giles’ forward charges left him vulnerable to that blow, and a handful landed in the first half of the second round. Those knees really took some wind from Giles sails; all of a sudden he was breathing with an open mouth despite seemingly winning the fight!

A moment later, a simple 1-2 down the middle creamed Giles, and the veteran never even reacted to the punches that put him out.

UFC Fight Night: Pauga v Guskov

Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Additional Thoughts

  • Bogdan Guskov defeats Zac Pauga via first-round knockout (HIGHLIGHTS): Guskov got embarrassed a bit in his UFC debut opposite Volkan Oezdemir, who strangled the Russian in short fashion. In his sophomore performance, however, Guskov proved his dozen knockout wins were not by accident. Pauga had some early success with low kicks, but each and every time “Czarevitch” touched his chin, Pauga felt it. The end came when Guskov bursted forward with a two-punch combo that left Pauga out on his feet … but he got hit several more times before finally touching the floor.
  • Hyder Amil defeats Fernie Garcia via second-round TKO: Two Contenders Series veteran enters, one leaves! Amil picked up the first victory of his UFC career through pace and pressure. He certainly took a handful of punches in the process — both men were looking worn by the second — but Amil consistently landed the heavier blows and broke his opponent down. It was a valiant effort for Garcia, but unfortunately, the Texan came up short for the fourth straight time.

For complete UFC Vegas 86: “Hermansson vs. Pyfer” results and play-by-play, click HERE!

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