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UFC ‘Escorting’ Fighter Families Out Of Apex After Each Bout


There’s an old joke MMA fighters like to throw around that UFC stands for “U Fight Cheap.” That’s certainly on display with this latest edict from promotion brass.

Nolan King has just reported on a new change to how UFC Apex tickets will be handled for fighters competing on the event. Previously, we’ve heard strange stories of fighters being unable to get their wives or family into the UFC’s Las Vegas warehouse where over a quarter of annual events are now held.

This is now changing. The good news: all fighters competing at the Apex will be provided four tickets. The bad news: those tickets are good only for that fighter’s bout. After that you get tossed out and the next batch of four family comes in for the next fight.

“In a memo issued today, UFC CBO Hunter Campbell notified fighters they will now receive four tickets each for family and friends to attend their fights that take place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas,” King wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

“The tickets are good for each individual fight only and groups will be rotated between fights. Previously tickets weren’t guaranteed. It was a bit situational, but fighters’ family and friends were frequently purchasing tickets in order to watch live.”

“Beginning with UFC FIGHT NIGHT this Saturday, April 6, athletes who compete on cards at UFC APEX will receive four (4) seats for friends and family to watch their fight only,” the Campbell memo read. “Following the bout, your guests will be escorted out of APEX. This practice will be in effect for all events at UFC APEX going forward.”

Nothing like being escorted out, how fancy!

UFC Apex tickets are not cheap, and it costs over $1500 just to get into the building. With limited space and premium pricing, we guess it’s not surprising that the UFC would do what it can to maximize profits, even if it involves more shoddy treatment of the roster that makes the whole business possible.

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