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UFC contender Brandon Royval randomly drug tested while eating at restaurant: ‘They really drug testing me everywhere’ | Video


It looks like the UFC’s new drug-testing program is just as intrusive as the last one.

The UFC rolled out a new anti-drug testing initiative to begin 2024 and it was supposed to be a better all-around setup than the previous program under United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). This came after an ugly breakup between UFC and USADA in October 2023 following an eight-year relationship.

Despite the change in program and procedure, fighters are still experiencing some of the same negative effects of random drug testing that they did under USADA. Remember, fighters would complain all the time about how and when USADA reps would track them down for a blood or urine sample. In fact, USADA reps were held at gunpoint on more than one occasion due to unauthorized visits late at night.

Some things never change.

On Friday, UFC flyweight contender Brandon Royval took to social media to share an experience he had with the new Drug Free Sport International (DFSI) program. According to “Raw Dawg,” he was randomly tested while eating at a local restaurant. Royval appeared to be with some friends and family when he was interrupted for a sample.

Check it out below:

“Lol they really drug testing me everywhere,” wrote Royval while tagging the Santos Cafe & Grill.

UFC’s new anti-drug program has already nabbed two offenders — including a four-year suspension handed out to heavyweight veteran Walt Harris — and will continue to track down athletes for random testing. Royval won’t be the last fighter bothered by some random dude trying to get a cup of piss.

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