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Two civilians injured, including 89-year-old woman, in Russian drone and artillery attacks on frontline Kherson Oblast


Two civilians were injured in afternoon Russian attacks near Ukraine’s frontline Kherson Oblast, the regional military administration reported on Telegram on Jan. 28.

A 54-year-old resident of Beryslav was hospitalized with a leg wound resulting from an enemy drone attack, which dropped an explosive on him.

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Additionally, an 89-year-old woman was wounded in the abdomen after Russian artillery strikes hit the yard of a residential building in the nearby village of Mykhailivka at 14:10 EET the same day.

“An ambulance was dispatched to provide assistance,” the administration said.

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Russia regularly attacks Kherson and its surrounding areas. Russian invasion forces launched a drone attack on Beryslav in Kherson Oblast on Jan. 27, resulting in the death of one civilian and the injury of another, regional governor Oleksandr Prokudin reported.

A 62-year-old civilian was killed, and another 66-year-old man was hospitalized following the Russian shelling of a market in Kherson City, local officials reported on Jan. 7.

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