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Tubi Launches Rabbit AI, a New Tool to Personalize Viewing Experiences

by smbpapon22P

The Big Picture

  • Tubi’s Rabbit AI, powered by ChatGPT-4, revolutionizes the content discovery experience by offering users a conversational way to search for movies and TV shows.
  • With Rabbit AI, users can ask specific questions or provide detailed descriptions to find content that matches their interests, making the search process more personalized and enjoyable.
  • The new feature enhances Tubi’s existing tools for discovering content, allowing users to save results and access them across all devices, while also tailoring recommendations based on their preferences and watching history.

Tubi, the video-on-demand service from Fox, has announced the launch of Rabbit AI, a revolutionary new, and unique, mobile feature which is powered by ChatGPT-4. The artificial intelligence featured is designed to assist app users by offering them a new way in which they can both navigate the platform, and allow them to discover new movies and TV shows. With a vast content library, one of the world’s biggest, Tubi’s new feature will offer viewers to go down the entertainment rabbit hole, with Rabbit AI.

Blake Bassett, the Senior Director of Product at Tubi, commented on the new addition to the service and extolled the obvious virtues of the new feature which is sure to be incredibly well received by the 64 million monthly active users signed up with Tubi.

“One in five streamers binge watch because it’s convenient or easier than searching for another show as time spent looking is usually a mix of scrolling, maybe bickering over whether to watch a comedy or a horror movie. At Tubi we’re uniquely situated to find content for viewers that’s specific to the moment they’re in because of our large library and our personalization and machine learning algorithms. With Rabbit AI we’re making the content discovery experience fun again.”

Rabbit AI takes your search experience to the next level by letting you ask questions in a conversational way, just like you would when chatting with a friend. Instead of doing basic keyword searches, you can use natural language to find what you’re looking for.

For example, if you’re in a debate with friends about what funny shark movies to watch, you can type in “shark movies that are funny” into Rabbit AI, and it will provide you with a list of movies that match your request. Or, let’s say you’ve developed a newfound interest in Anime and you’re interested in shows that highlight shonen friendships. You can ask Rabbit AI to “find me Anime that features shonen friendships,” and it will present you with relevant options.

How Rabbit AI Works to Tailor Your Viewing Experience

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What’s even better is that you can save the results to your “My List,” making it easy to access the content you’ve discovered on all your devices. Plus, Rabbit AI keeps a record of your search history within the feature, so you can easily revisit past search results whenever you want. This feature makes finding and enjoying content a breeze, and it’s like having a personal search assistant at your fingertips

This new feature enhances Tubi’s current set of tools for discovering content, making it easier for people who enjoy a wide range of movie and TV show genres. Tubi’s platform learns about your preferences by paying attention to what you do while using it. For example, if you save something to your “My List,” like or dislike titles, or watch different TV shows and movies, Tubi takes note of all these actions.

Based on this information, Tubi personalizes your home screen. It continually adapts to your tastes and suggests content that aligns with your interests. Over time, the sections on your home screen will fill up with more tailored recommendations. For instance, if you’ve been watching classic films, you might start seeing Hitchcock movies recommended in your “Thriller” section. This makes your Tubi experience more enjoyable and tailored to your preference

Rabbit AI will begin rolling out as a beta test to Tubi’s iOS mobile app for viewers across the U.S. starting today, becoming widely available in the coming weeks. Starting today, the RabbitAI plugin for ChatGPT is available on OpenAI for subscribers.

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