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‘Trump is king of hypocrisy’, says Nikki Haley campaign


NEW DELHI: The ongoing clash between former US President Donald Trump and his sole GOP challenger, Nikki Haley, escalated on Tuesday as Haley‘s campaign branded Trump as the “king of hypocrisy”. The accusation released by the Haley’s campaign, alleges that Trump has a history of supporting Democratic candidates despite now positioning himself as a Republican stalwart.
The Nikki Haley campaign in a statement said, “Trump is the king of hypocrisy.He rants and raves about Nikki Haley’s campaign supporters but a new report from RealClearPolitics analyzed Donald Trump’s FEC filings and revealed a long list of Democrat mega donors who actively funded candidates like Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton.”
Haley communications director Nachama Soloveichik said, “While Nikki Haley was passing conservative policies as governor, Donald Trump was donating to liberals like Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris. Now liberal Democrats are returning the favour and funding his campaign.”
“Donald Trump was a New York City liberal longer than he’s been a so-called Republican. Turns out he is also the biggest hypocrite,” she added.
Trump spokesperson, Steven Cheung hit back at Haley stating, “Nikki Haley and her have has hit some hard times so she’s searching for anyone who can fund her pipedream – even if it means begging Democrats to buoy her candidacy.”
“Her entire political existence hinges on Democrats giving her money and invading Republican elections. When their scheme was exposed, Haley trotted out her campaign manager on a press call to do damage control to explain why they are now beholden to Liberal super donors Reid Hoffman and Matt Cohler,” Steven added.
“It is clear to see that Haley’s campaign is just one giant grift to either build her name ID for life after politics or to audition for a cable news contributor contract with Fake News. By the time the Nevada caucus happens on Thursday, she will be a three-time loser walking a lonely path to her sweet state of South Carolina where the people she represented will reject her,” he said.
The exchange of accusations comes amidst Haley’s push to present herself as a fresh alternative to Trump’s leadership style. Haley’s campaign released an advertisement titled “Blessed”, contrasting Trump’s perceived shortcomings with Haley’s vision of “new generation conservative leadership”. Haley’s team emphasizes her record of challenging the political establishment and prioritizing the interests of taxpayers.
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