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‘Toxic Avenger’ Images Flaunt Elijah Wood’s Makeover & Peter Dinklage’s Tutu

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The Big Picture

  • Peter Dinklage and Elijah Wood don new looks in images from The Toxic Avenger remake, offering a glimpse into the characters’ eccentricities.
  • Director Macon Blair teases that the look of the Toxic Avenger himself is inspired by the original film franchise and its cartoon spinoff.
  • The Toxic Avenger remake also stars Kevin Bacon, Jacob Tremblay and Taylour Paige, and will debut at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas.

Peter Dinklage dons the iconic tutu and Elijah Wood is nigh-unrecognizable in new images from the upcoming remake of The Toxic Avenger, but you’ll have to watch the movie to get a look at the Toxic Avenger himself. Entertainment Weekly has the new images from the upcoming Legendary film, as well as an interview with director Macon Blair. The images show Dinklage as janitor Winston Gooze, prior to his transformation into the titular Toxic Avenger, wearing a domino mask and the tutu famously worn by the original Toxie.

The images also give us our first look at Wood as his latest “weird little guy” role, as the villain Fritz Garbinger. Wood is almost unrecognizable as the Lord of the Rings star beneath a balding scalp, stringy hair, sunken eyes, and blackened teeth. He will be the henchman to his brother, evil tycoon Bob Garbinger (Kevin Bacon), who can be seen in the new stills pondering what is presumably a beaker of toxic chemicals.

The images also offer a look at Fritz’s minions, the clown-like Evil Nutz. However, the producers are holding one thing back from the pre-release hype machine – a clear look at Toxie himself. Blair does tease that the look is inspired by the original film’s sequels and cartoon spinoff, and is “practical effects. You can see all the goopy little boils and stuff like that. And we definitely stayed true to some of the really iconic elements: the tutu that’s melted onto his body, the janitor’s mop as his super weapon.”

What Is ‘The Toxic Avenger’?

Peter Dinklage in 'The Toxic Avenger'
Image via Legendary/EW

Premiering in 1984, The Toxic Avenger told the tale of nerdy janitor Melvin Junko, who was transformed into a bestial behemoth after falling into a barrel of toxic waste and subsequently goes on a crime-fighting rampage. The film, which features a small role for a then-unknown Marisa Tomei, is now a cult classic, and became the signature hit for its producers, the gleeful schlock merchants of Troma Entertainment. It spawned three sequels – 1989’s The Toxic Avenger Part II and The Toxic Avengers Part III: The Last Temptation of Toxie, and 2000’s Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV. Despite the original film’s R-rated, limb-ripping violence, it also inspired a spin-off Saturday morning cartoon series, Toxic Crusaders as well as a video game and a bevy of action figures.

The Toxic Avenger remake will also star Jacob Tremblay (Room) as Gooze’s stepson Wade, and Taylour Paige (Zola) as JJ Doherty, a woman trying to get to the bottom of the crimes comitted by Bob Garbinger’s chemical company. The film will also feature Sarah Niles (Ted Lasso), Julia Davis (Phantom Thread), and Julian Kostov (Shadow and Bone).

The Toxic Avenger will debut at this month’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas Check out the new images below:

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