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Top German defense official optimistic of Ukrainian triumph in war against Russia, despite setbacks


The Russian war against Ukraine will end when Ukraine wins it, German Major General Christian Freuding, who heads the special staff for Ukraine in the German Ministry of Defense, said in an interview with RND on Feb. 5.

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“I am optimistic because we are confident in what the Ukrainian Armed Forces can do and achieve,” he said.

“Because we are confident in the value of our support. Because we are confident in the unity of Ukraine’s partners, who have the will to persevere to achieve the result we all want.”

Commenting on the situation on the front line, Freuding said that from the outside it seems that everything is stalled.

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“But this should not obscure the fact that both sides are conducting intensive operations and are sometimes fighting for every meter – with infantry and tanks, drones, artillery,” said the German official.

Both sides are trying to use far-reaching means to penetrate deep into the enemy’s territory to destroy logistics and command and control facilities and thereby achieve a psychological effect.

“The most recent example is the sinking of a Russian warship in the Black Sea last week,” Freuding said.

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