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Threat of UAVs reported in Ukraine’s south, Odesa Oblast under attack


Ukraine’s Air Force has warned of possible attacks in Ukraine’s south after the Russians launched attack UAVs on the evening of 9 February.

Source: Ukraine’s Air Force on Telegram; Suspilne

Quote: “UAVs coming from the south in Odesa Oblast, Biliaivka district, moving to Odesa from the west; UAVs from the Black Sea entering Mykolaiv Oblast flying north; UAVs in the Black Sea, heading north; UAVs from the Black Sea have entered the Bilhorod-Dnister region, heading north.”

Details: At 22:04, the Air Force urged residents of Odesa to seek shelter as UAVs flew from the north and west toward the city.

At 22:29, correspondents of Suspilne reported that there had been an explosion in Odesa.

00.10 The Air Force has updated the directions of the UAVs’ movement:

UAVs are entering from the Black Sea in the Kiliia district, Odesa Oblast, heading west, but this may change;

UAVs from the Black Sea in the Tatarbunary district, heading north-east along the coast towards Odesa;

Another group in the Black Sea is following the route of the first group.

At 00.17, it was reported that a new group of Russian attack UAVs was moving from the Black Sea on a westerly course towards the Tatarbunary district of Odesa Oblast.

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