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Thousands of migrants detained in St. Petersburg during New Year celebrations


St. Petersburg, Russia: During the New Year’s Eve celebrations, approximately three thousand migrants were detained by the police in the center of St. Petersburg. This large-scale detention was part of a security measure implemented by the authorities.

According to reports, the detainees were taken to police stations for further processing. Among them, around 600 individuals were found to have violated Russian migration laws. Sources indicate that over a hundred of the detained migrants may face deportation.

The decision to cancel the festive concert at Palace Square in St. Petersburg was made in solidarity with Belgorod and as part of the city’s enhanced security measures, reports UNN. The authorities had previously announced special security events in the city center.

This incident highlights the ongoing challenges and complexities surrounding migration and law enforcement in major Russian cities. The mass detention of migrants raises questions about the balance between security measures and the rights of individuals, especially during significant public events like New Year’s Eve.

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