The vision of the new committee is now at the center The three-day festive conference of Chittagong South, North and Metropolitan Juba League ended last Monday. Although the conference was over, new committee the three organizing committees were not formed.

Although the candidates for the posts of the separate committees have an introductory session on new committee the candidature of the leaders present in the second session, their own candidates have put their trust in the Central Chairman or the Center as they are not united or single candidates.

From there, new leadership or new committee will be announced considering the eligible candidates. The aspirants said new committee that they are waiting for the center.

However, no one has been able to say for sure when the three organizing committees will be announced. According to party sources, new committee the conference of Chittagong South, North and Metropolitan Juba League was held on May 28, 29 and 30 in a festive atmosphere.

New Committee

New Committee

Though the conference ended in a disciplined manner, the leaders and workers were disappointed as no new committee was announced. However, the leaders present said that their respective candidates have confidence in the Center. Even after that, there is a lot of discussion among the grassroots new committee leaders and activists including social media. Apart from the Juba League leaders, the list submitted to the three separate committees also includes more than 50 former BCL leaders. Everyone is busy proving their worth in various ways.

From the central top leader to the top leaders of the district, the candidates are constantly swearing. However, after scrutiny and selection, new committee the former student leaders will be evaluated and the sacrifices will be evaluated.

Juba League general secretary Mainul Hossain Khan told Nikhil Bangladesh Pratidin that the three organizing committees had a source conference. A directive was also given centrally to new committee conduct this conference neatly. The responsible leaders have also done a lot to avoid chaos in the conference. This time, those who will come under the new leadership of Juba League, must be evaluated for their clean image, sacrifices and qualifications. All in all, this new leadership can come in the new-old.

New Committee 2022

It is learned that 107 candidates submitted their CVs for the post of president and general secretary of Chittagong City Juba League. Among them, 15 new committee candidates withdrew their candidacies for two posts. The remaining 27 candidates for the post of president and 75 candidates for the post of secretary were adamant. As 93 candidates remained unmoved in these two major posts, in the second session of Juba League, the chairman of Juba League fixed 10 minutes for the candidates for the two posts to come to a consensus. But no one was able to come to an agreement at the appointed time.

Later, Juba League chairman Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash told the councilors, “In fact, there are so many qualified candidates here, it will be difficult to select from there now.”

If you trust me, I will announce the committee from the center soon. Asked for the support of the candidates in this regard, in a word, new committee everyone raised their hands and said ‘yes’. Then the session ends. However, the leaders said that the candidates of North and South District Juba League also have confidence in the Center.

New Committee Bangladesh

From the beginning of the song, the audience burst into tears. Why not! The one who got up to sing on the stage is no longer an ordinary person. Bollywood star backing singer KK.
Keke is one of the musicians who can get the audience drunk on the stage. He did not deviate from Tuesday’s ceremony.

As the night wore on, he sang one song after another. The excitement of the audience continues to grow.

The audience on Nazrul Mancha saw how fresh a 54 year old singer was. KK was also seen walking from one new committee side of the stage to the other while singing. Sometimes he throws ‘Flying Kiss’ towards the audience, sometimes he jumps in his mind while singing again.

Many of the spectators had been waiting for a new committee long time to see KK and listen to his songs.

Chittagong Metropolitan Juba League presidential candidate and former student leader MR Azim said, as usual, there is new committee trust and confidence in the center. I have worked for the team all my life. I hope the center will select the candidates considering their qualifications. Mizanur Rahman, a candidate for the post of General Secretary of Chittagong North District Juba League and Mohammad Abu Tayyab, a former student leader also said the same thing.

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