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‘The Ring’ Gets 4K Collection from Scream Factory

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The Big Picture

  • The Ring Collection, including the American remake and its sequels, is coming to 4K in a stylish slip box case, featuring the iconic image of Samara coming out of the TV.
  • The remake of The Ring successfully brings a sense of grand atmosphere to the horror genre, with a story that is both satisfyingly dreadful and deeply tragic.
  • While The Ring Two attempted to cash in on the success of the remake, it has gained a cult following and remains an interesting oddity in the horror fandom. The franchise may see future installments if this 4K collection helps revive interest.

It’s been another incredible year for horror in 4K. Iconic films like Scream 3, Bride of Chucky, and Night of the Demons have all come to the format this year. However, now the 2000s era of the genre is getting some love as The Ring Collection is coming to 4K thanks to Scream Factory.

The collection includes Gore Verbinski‘s American remake of The Ring, its 2005 sequel The Ring Two, and 2017’s Rings. The triple pack will see the films come in a 4K/Blu-ray combo pack and be secured in a stylish slip box case. The artwork for the slipcover features the iconic image of the demon Samara coming out of the TV. If you’ve seen the films this is instantly going to bring back trauma for horror fans.

The Unique Haunt of ‘The Ring’

While American remakes of beloved Japanese horror films rarely go well, The Ring is that expectation. Verbinski, best known for the original Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, brought the same sense of grand atmosphere found in those iconic adventure films to this horrific ghost story. However, what’s fun and endlessly entertaining in Pirates is satisfyingly dreadful here with the thick atmosphere feeling as if David Fincher‘s Se7en was a supernatural thriller.

The remake is an investigative nightmare that follows a journalist named Rachel played by Naomi Watts trying to find closure for her sister whose daughter recently died under mysterious circumstances. This puts Rachel and the people she loves in a deadly game thanks to a supposedly haunted videotape. Even if you’ve never seen The Ring you more than likely know of Samara’s videotape. A tape, that if you watch it, will kill you in seven days. Many films like It Follows and Smile have similar rules, but none are arguably as scary as the disturbing imagery on that Ill-fated tape. The footage of the well is enough to make your skin crawl, but the actual story of Samara actually is one of the most deeply tragic discoveries in all of horror with The Ring‘s ending being among the best the modern genre has to offer.

Samara Coming Out of the Well

There’s not much to say about The Ring Two other than it tried to cash in on the success of the remake, but it did have the interesting distinction of getting the original Japanese Ring director, Hideo Nakata, to helm the project. It wouldn’t save the sequel from horror purgatory. However, it would make a fun little oddity in the horror fandom and has since gained a cult following. The Ring as an American franchise hasn’t seen an installment since Rings which more than likely killed interest in the property for the foreseeable future. Hopefully this 4K collection will help repower Samara for more chilling tapes to come.

When Does ‘The Ring’ Collection Release?

The Ring Collection is releasing on December 12, 2023, and will cost $89.98. Until then, you can view the trailer for The Ring down below. You can also pre-order the 4K collection on Amazon.

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