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‘The Marvels’ Global Box Office Continues to Underperform


The Big Picture

  • The Marvels is struggling to reach the $200 million mark at the box office, potentially due to audience weariness towards superhero and Marvel films.
  • The film has earned around $197 million globally, with a significant drop in earnings during its fourth weekend.
  • Despite the film’s high production cost and fun elements, it may face a substantial financial loss.

The challenges persist for The Marvels at the worldwide box office, as the movie has failed yet again to even reach the $200 million mark. The film’s poor reception from critics and audiences didn’t help, even if the negative response wasn’t necessarily warranted. This is not solely a reflection of the movie’s quality but indicates a growing weariness towards superhero and Marvel films, possibly influenced by shifting consumer preferences but also represents a change in habits and an over-dependence on needing to know too much about a franchise for casual viewers to care about.

Globally, The Marvels has earned around $197 million by the end of its fourth weekend, breaking down to $80.7 million from the domestic box office and $116.3 million from international markets. On the international scene, there was a 57% drop in earnings during the fourth weekend, bringing in $3.4 million. Notably, some key markets like Brazil only saw a 30% decline, and France experienced a 43% decrease, showing resilience. Domestically, the film encountered a 60% decrease in earnings during its fourth weekend, bringing in $2.5 million.

Lowest Grossing MCU Movies Worldwide

Current Global Gross

The Marvels

$197 million

The Incredible Hulk

$265 million

Captain America: The First Avenger

$370 million

Black Widow

$379 million


$401 million

How Much Did ‘The Marvels’ Cost?

The making of The Marvels reportedly cost more than $250 million. For the film to break even, it would need to earn $700 million globally. Every week, the amount the film earns slows down, and it does look like the film will, at least at the worldwide box office, take a substantial loss of hundreds of millions of dollars, which is truly undeserved given that elements of the film are extremely fun, and the performances of Brie Larson, Iman Vellani and Teyonah Parris light up the production. Directed by Nia DaCosta, it currently has a modest “fresh” rating of 62% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, in a real disappointment, audiences on its opening day gave it a CinemaScore of B-, which is the lowest in the history of the franchise.

The Marvels continues to play in theaters globally, although for how long it does will be a question answered quickly, with big releases like Wonka, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Color Purple due for release within the next month, as well as top performers Napoleon, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes and Renaissance.

The Marvels Film Poster

The Marvels

Carol Danvers gets her powers entangled with those of Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau, forcing them to work together to save the universe.

Release Date
November 10, 2023

Nia DaCosta

Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Zawe Ashton, Iman Vellani


105 minutes

Main Genre

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