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‘The Man in the White Van’ Sneak Peek — A Predator Haunts the Streets

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The Big Picture

  • The dramatized true crime film, The Man in the White Van, is based on the gruesome crimes of Billy Mansfield in Florida during the late ’70s.
  • The film centers on the abduction and crimes committed against one young woman who fears she is being stalked by a white van and its predator driver, while others dismiss her concerns as paranoia.
  • Directed by Warren Skeels, the film stars Madison Wolfe, Sean Astin, Brec Bassinger, Ali Larter, and Skai Jackson.

While you’ve likely heard the names of Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Gary Ridgway, you may have never heard of Billy Mansfield. Operating during the same time frame as the aforementioned killers, Mansfield carried out gruesome crimes in Florida during the late ‘70s. In an exclusive to Collider first look, viewers can get the premiere peek of a clip from the dramatized true crime film, The Man in the White Van.

In the opening eerie moments of the preview, viewers see a solo woman getting into her car in a deserted parking lot. As she drives away, a white van can be seen trailing her. Making her way down the road, she’s overtaken by grief and, sobbing, pulls off, unaware that the van exited as well. Taking a moment for herself and letting it all out, she has no idea that a shadowy figure is approaching her car. By the time the door to the driver’s side is swung open, the woman barely has time to react before she’s ripped away from her vehicle.

While Mansfield terrorized the lives of a handful of women and children, The Man in the White Van will specifically center on the crimes committed against one young woman who finds herself in the killer’s sights. A regular teenager, Annie Williams fears that she’s being stalked by an ominous white van and the predator behind the wheel. While her parents and the rest of the community write off her worries as paranoia, Annie’s worst fears come to life on Halloween night when she’s abducted.

Who’s Behind The Man in the White Van?

Ali Larter as Nikki Sanders in 'Heroes'
Image via NBC

Directed by Warren Skeels (Siesta Key), the dramatized true crime film stars Madison Wolfe (The Conjuring 2), Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings trilogy), Brec Bassinger (Bella and the Bulldogs), Ali Larter (Final Destination), and Skai Jackson (Jessie).

As for the real man behind the brutal killings, Mansfield was convicted of five women and girls and a slew of sexual assaults, although law enforcement believes the number to be higher than what they know. Burying his victims on his property, Mansfield eventually found himself in the sights of the law with a warrant uncovering his sinister secret. Following his trial and a brief escape, Mansfield was given four counts of life in prison where he still is today.

While The Man in the White Van doesn’t have a wide release date yet, it will celebrate its world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival on October 14. Check out the clip below.

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