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The Legend of ‘Thanksgiving’ Comes to Life in New Featurettes

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The Big Picture

  • Adults take center stage in the new Thanksgiving teasers, with Patrick Dempsey and Rick Hoffman showcasing their skills in this horror flick.
  • The teaser promises scares and New England accents, as a detective hunts down a masked killer wielding an axe in a small town.
  • Director Eli Roth explains his inspiration for making Thanksgiving, aiming for a slasher film that combines suspense, fun, and fantastic kills.

Horror is washing up on the shores of Plymouth, Massachusetts in a set of promo teasers and featurettes for Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving. While many of the recent clips we’ve seen have featured the film’s younger cast which includes Addison Rae (She’s All That) and Milo Manheim (Disney’s Zombies franchise), today’s snippet puts the adult stars that include Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy) and Rick Hoffman (Suits) on display. Viewers can also catch two separate featurettes with one explaining the lore behind the film’s slasher and the other an introduction from the director himself.

The teaser is boasting big scares and even bigger New England accents as Dempsey is a detective on the hunt after a masked madman wielding an axe declares open season on a small town. Donning a very spooky pilgrim get-up, designed to look like Mayflower passenger-turned-Plymouth-founder, John Carver, the mysterious killer haunts the Thanksgiving parade while Dempsey’s sheriff can be heard warning his officers to trust no one. Although the town may be small, there are plenty of suspects lurking in the shadows.

Following up the trailer, a fun bit of “lore” plays out in an old-timey black and white featurette, explaining a fictional history of how the doomed town ended up on the razor-sharp end of the killer’s axe. According to legend, a handful of pilgrims who landed on Plymouth Rock were “marked” with those afflicted then disappearing. Many believe that Carver was the man responsible for these bizarre vanishings and that his sinister spirit continues to linger in the town, wreaking havoc and continuing to quench his thirst for blood.

Gina Gershon and Patrick Dempsey in Thanksgiving
Image via TriStar Pictures

Eli Roth’s Inspiration Behind Thanksgiving

The final featurette gives Roth a space to tell potential viewers why he wanted to make this holiday horror. Known for his work behind projects including Cabin Fever and Hostel, Roth says, “Growing up, I dreamed of writing a slasher movie that would be like Scream or Halloween. One of these guessing who the killer is, something that’s incredibly scary, that’s also fun, with fantastic kills.” Hoping to honor and perhaps even outdo those who came before him, Roth adds that creating over-the-top kills was “a badge of honor” for the creative team, a comment that should give audiences a sense of what to expect when walking into the theater.

Also starring in Thanksgiving is an ensemble that includes Gina Gershon (Bound), comedian Tim Dillon, Jalen Thomas Brooks (Walker), Amanda Barker (The Handmaid’s Tale), Nell Verlaque (Big Shot), Gabriel Davenport (Hotel for the Holidays), Jenna Warren (My Little Pony: Make Your Mark), and Tomaso Sanelli (Detention Adventure).

Thanksgiving arrives in theaters on November 17, you can get tickets here. Check out the trio of fun clips below.

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